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Update on Backorders 8MAY2020

We actually have some good news. The 24 case 4oz bottles of Purell should ship before other Purell supplies, any day coming up. We are offering Boardwalk hand sanitizer and wipes, exact same ingredients as Purell and Boardwalk, but shipping much sooner. The Boardwalk tissue and toilet paper is made in Canada and is filtering […]


Update on N95 Masks

Dear Customers, I just logged onto our internal shipping ETA site and noticed that all N95 masks scheduled to ship today, 4/13/2020, show Delayed. We apologize, those are being fought over tooth and nail. I just logged in again now at 7:15PM PST on 4/13/2020 and now the site is crashed, so I will check […]

Backorders 7April2020

Backordered Item PO# Account BO Qty  ETA (Facility)  Remaining CLO15949CT R-15531 959024   06/30/20 (PDX) Cleaner,Dsnfct,Wipes,Frsh GOJ965212CT R-15531 959024   06/30/20 (PDX) Sanitizer,Hand,Purell,8oz MMM8200 R-15531 959024   06/30/20 (PDX) Respirator,N95 Partcle,We RAC76940CT R-15531 959024   04/10/20 (SWA) Freshener,Lysl,Citrs,12ct ANS69318S R-9797 959024   No ETA available Gloves,Latex,5mil,Sm,Nt MIICUR8105 R-9797 959024   No ETA available Gloves,Latex,Exam,Pf,Md MIICUR8107 R-9797 959024   No […]

Backorders 6 April 2020

Backordered ItemOriginal OrderPO#BO Qty ETA (Facility)   Remaining GOJ9651246-Apr-20R-9751A 9752A   04/17/20 (BCA) Sanitizer,Handpurel 4oz67DTDLVBWK6500B6-Apr-20R-9751A 9752A   No ETA available Tissue,Facial,2ply,30/10067DTDLVCLO15949CT6-Apr-20R-9751A 9752A   04/10/20 (BCA) Cleaner,Dsnfct,Wipes,Frsh67DTDLVGOJ2424DS2-Apr-20R-15515   04/17/20 (BCA) Sanitizer,Purell,Stnd,Lgy67DSHS6GOJ9651242-Apr-20R-15515   04/17/20 (BCA) Sanitizer,Handpurel 4oz67DSHS6CLO15949CT2-Apr-20R-15515   04/10/20 (BCA) Cleaner,Dsnfct,Wipes,Frsh67DSHS6GOJ545604CT2-Apr-20R-15515   04/17/20 (BCA) Sanitizer,Purell Gel,Cr67DSHS6NICP43572CT31-Mar-20R-15513   04/08/20 (PDX) Wipes, Handsinstnt Sntzng18PQSNQRAC76940CT31-Mar-20R-15478   No ETA available Freshener,Lysl,Citrs,12ct27D29ZXRAC76938CT31-Mar-20R-15478   No ETA available Freshener,Lysol,Frsh,12ct27D29ZXCLO15949CT31-Mar-20R-15478   No ETA available Cleaner,Dsnfct,Wipes,Frsh27D29ZXGOJ962504CT31-Mar-20R-15478   No ETA available Sanitizer,Purell2liter,Cr27D29ZXGOJ369112CT31-Mar-20R-9782   04/20/20 (PRS) Sanitizer,Green,12oz30RCB99BWK6500B31-Mar-20R-9782   No ETA available Tissue,Facial,2ply,30/10030RCB99CLO15949CT31-Mar-20R-9782 […]