UPDATE, Shipping N95, Clorox, Purell, Lysol

Hello Everyone, this has been a difficult time for all of us. Each product page typically has latest updates on shipping as presented to us. Here is the latest as of April 2, 2020 3:02PM:

Lysol: Most Lysol spray cans will ship within a week. The Lysol wipes, RAC77182CT, thousands of cases are being sent to most warehouses.

N95 Masks: Most 3M or MMM, are back ordered until at least mid April of 2020 or beyond. Certain ones, such as Moldex MLX2200N95 and 3M MMM8200 will have limited cases shipping to warehouses 1st week of April of 2020.

Clorox individual 75 wipe cannisters have been removed from site due to no ETA. The 6 pack cases of Clorox wipes, CLO15949CT, are shipping Early April of 2020.

Purell, Purell hand sanitizers are shipping on first come, first serve bases. Orders placed mid March of 2020 are hopefully shipping by 2nd week of April of 2020. Allocations are being distributed.