UPDATE on all PPE Items

It is June 28, 2020 and between today and July 10, 2020 several thousand cases of Purell Goji Hand Sanitizer as well as Clorox Disinfecting Wipes are Estimated to arrive at several warehouses. Keep in eye on this site and on your email.

Just like if you receive multiple calls from people requesting the status of stimulus checks and PPE payments, even though you can do nothing about such payments, you still have to respond to each caller even though they are calling incorrect person.

It is the same if you call or email me regarding a back order, a back order is in back order status until the product ordered actually arrives at the chosen distribution warehouse.

If you look at Uline and Staples, they also do not show stock on Purell Goji items. We have shipped a dozen or so Purell Goji orders from as far back as March of 2020, and shipped over 50 cases of other brand hand sanitizers, such as Gen, Xerox, etc.

Clorox wipes are supposed to arrive at warehouses, thousands of cases, on July 10, 2020

Please keep checking here for important updates. Email us if you are willing to accept alternative brand products, such as Gen vs Purell hand sanitizer.