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Intel Chip Security Flaw   Details have emerged on two major processor security flaws this week, and the industry is scrambling to issue fixes and secure machines for customers. Dubbed “Meltdown” and “Spectre,” the flaws affect nearly every device made in the past 20 years. The Meltdown flaw only affects Intel processors, and researchers have already released proof-of-concept code that […]


Cyber Security Dwayne G from Hikvision USA

At REDONDO TECHNOLOGY, we are very aware of the importance of cyber security. Take a look at this webinar, former military and big business security advisers talk about issues and best promoting best practices for appliances, cameras, routers. Most importantly, strong passwords are very important. Using combination of upper, lower case, numbers, 8 to 16 […]


Redondo Security and KATU NewsAt REDONDO TECHNOLOGY, we are very invested in making our neighborhoods and businesses more secure.  It was recently acknowledged that the opioid crises is a national health issue, and we at REDONDO TECHNOLOGY are doing our share.  Regarding home and business security, we can do anything from provide secure data storage, […]

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REDONDO SAM Status to 2017 and Cyber Business Security

REDONDO TECHNOLOGY has updated our status with SAM, Systems for Award Management, to December 16, 2017. Due to issues of fraud, data breaching, etc. our company has currently opted to not be displayed in the main GSA, General Services Administration, website. Based on our years of business experience, we have observed that it is difficult […]