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For many years I worked in Corporate America for small and large companies, and learned firsthand the ins and outs of selling toners and office supplies to both government and private industries all over the United States.  I learned the basics of how to sell products to companies and excelled in the basics of marketing research and managing sales relationships.

I took these skills to another company and ended up starting an office product company in Signal Hill, CA with the support of my wife, life, and business partner. I filed my first dba for REDONDO TECHNOLOGY September of 2005. By that time I knew many of the ins and outs of various office imaging machines and had seen companies I helped form waste money and the environment by running lights and air conditioning in large offices on weekends, throwing unopened toners into dumpsters, and saying one thing to co-workers and customers and doing something which would completely contradict the spoken word. I knew that basic human, business, and environmental values had been lost and that it was time to start my own business.

With the support of my wife, that is exactly what I did. REDONDO TECHNOLOGY is very likely the first 100% environmental toner and office product company in the United States of America. At REDONDO TECHNOLOGY, we will not sacrifice societies long term welfare in order to satisfy our customers.

Thank you for being a valued customer of REDONDO TECHNOLOGY.  As of 2018,  REDONDO TECHNOLOGY helped to keep over 5,399,635 lbs of material out of landfills, equivalent to saving over 4,000,000 barrels of oil.  Plant a tree for every 8,000 pages you print, ask me how.

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