April 20, 2020 Backorder Report

To All Valued Customers,

Indeed, these are unprecedented times. Regarding the backorders for things such as N95 masks, toilet paper, tissue, soap, Lysol, Purell, etc. there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Since March 13 of 2020 we show that 38 of 158 orders have shipped, so we are making progress. Keep in mind that each line items is one order in the system. Most paper items, such as tissue, towels, office paper, have shipped or are soon to ship. Just last week, Lysol products arrived at warehouses and some cases of those have shipped.

Regarding N95 maskes, 3M orders were intercepted by the Fed Govt. due to the Defense Authorization Act in order to go to what is categorized as front lines, even though we have medical clients. Any time an item is cancelled and re-entered, it goes to the back of the cue.

We will take a reading at the end of the week to see what has shipped for the week and will reach out to customers who have patiently waited and update this site. Also, please keep in mind that for tissue, Purell, and other health and safety items, once an order ships, it cannot be returned by us.