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AS some of you may know, REDONDO TECHNOLOGY has been in business since Sept of 2005 and just over two years ago (today is Tue Oct 9, 2018) we branched out into the home and business security division during the year 2016.  We began by having our own home and office secured with high def Hikvision night vision peremeter cameras and also door and window intrusion.  We are to date still able to self monitor and access both live view and receive text alerts with images within a second of motion being detected by any of the cameras configured.  Since the launch of the REDONDO TECHNOLOGY SECURITY DIVISION we have done over 30 custom home camera surveillance, intrusion, security jobs.  We have also done half a dozen industrial jobs securing offices with live 24/7 video surveillance.  It has been a process of continuing education and learning, anything from determining types of Cat5/Cat5 SE wiring to configuring devices for end users to view to integrating varying types and ages of security technology.  We are now licensed in Washington to do low v electrical and have a highly talented and capable team of journeyman level low v electricians both in Oregon and Washington.  Please do not hesitate to reach out if you want to talk home and/or business security.  This is an image of a 180 degree fisheye lense Hikvision camera combined with 3 other units, mounted on corner of 100 year old home in Vancouver, WA.