Redondo Technology Vancouver

REDONDO SAM Status to 2017 and Cyber Business Security

REDONDO TECHNOLOGY has updated our status with SAM, Systems for Award Management, to December 16, 2017. Due to issues of fraud, data breaching, etc. our company has currently opted to not be displayed in the main GSA, General Services Administration, website. Based on our years of business experience, we have observed that it is difficult to determine quality and ISO certification for multiple imaging supplies and products offered by other companies via GSA contracts. REDONDO TECHNOLOGY is a small business which has endeavored to be 100% accountable to all private and government clients from the beginning to the end of each transaction. Additionally, with multiple cases of hacking and data theft, the most recent being various political and Yahoo accounts, REDONDO TECHNOLOGY takes 10 steps to ensure data security for all customers and for our online transactions. We know our IT group and the locations of our web servers as well as all internal and external security procedures. Additionally, our office has high def surveillance as well as locked secure data storage. Please feel free to contact us to obtain copies of our security policy.