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Hikvision Password Re-Set Etc

As a Hikvision camera system owner, I know that forgetting and losing my password can be very frustrating.  I had my password written down in one place and had not logged in for a few weeks, and somehow forgot my password, and the Hikvision -iVMS-4500 log in app booted me out and will do so after 7 failed log in attempts.  First, I tried looking at solutions on Youtube by typing:  “iVMS-4500 Password Reset” and downloaded the SADP tool onto my computer.  This is why we tell customers it is important to have the administrative settings put onto their computers by our IT department,

Here are some helpful phone numbers and websites:

Hikvision Customer Service:  909-895-0400, good for password re-set for your computer app


Hikvision CA Tech is 909-612-9039, you will hold, tell them you are a tech.  Also provide 9 digit DVR/NVR Serial Number


When you contact tech support, an agent will want to remotely access your computer, ensure your antivirus is updated, and you will need this site: