Midnight and Flag is Hung by Jason 2-7-17

Redondo Technology and Homeless Veterans

I am so very proud of what we together have accomplished. I have to say it, my wife (her father served in U.S. Air Force, mine in U.S. Army) showed me this article on Facebook and I was able to find the link to The Huffington Post. REDONDO TECHNOLOGY will continue to support Potters Lane with American Family Housing in Midway City, CA. Effective February of 2017, this program provides structurally strong shipping container apartment style housing for homeless vets and other homeless Americans. Let us do something today, we are already reaching out to our suppliers to get involved. For every single order you place for ANY toner, office supply, paper, calendar, Cisco item etc, 10% of the profits will go to help homeless vets via the non profit American Family Housing group. This will be ongoing until we reach a goal of $50,000.00 to help our homeless vets. Let us work together to change our country for the better, why are we still waiting for politicians? Order supplies for your office today. Every time you print a page, use a paperclip, look at a new 2017 calendar, know you are helping our U.S. veterans and homeless citizens.

REDONDO TECHNOLOGY would like to express our gratitude to the following people and companies which have stepped up since October 18 of 2016:

  1. GabrielleJamaica 2. Carolin Los Angeles 3. Stan Stockon 4. Patrick Huntington Beach 5. Warren in Gardena. 6.  Byron in Auburn 7. Rick in Gardena 8. Brittany in Rawlins 9. Jay in Chicago 10. Patrick in Torrance 11. Loretta in St. Helens 12. Tess in Camas 13. Mike in Mobile 14. Cheryl in Tulsa 15. Orlando in Anaheim 16. Georgie in Santa Rosa 17. Brad in Amarillo 18. John in Signal Hill 19. Marjeane in Fillmore 20. Rebecca in Tucson 21. Becky in Buffalo 22. Craig at Norwood 23. Michelle in El Segungo 24. Courtney in Santa Ana 25. Bryan in Malta 26. Jarretta in Pinedale 27. Carlos in Industry 28.  Becky in Buffalo  29.  Georgie in Santa Rosa  30.  Rebecca in Tucson  31.  Craig in Dana Point  32.  Brad in Vancouver  33.  Davis in Reno  34.  Tom in Redondo Beach  35.  Jay in Chicago  36.  Stan in Stockton  37.  Brad in Amarillo 38.  Darrel in San Diego  39.  Lewis in Amarillo  40.  Mike in Mobile  41.  Carol in Los Angeles  42.  Rick in Gardena  43.  Robert in San Bernadino  44.  Aldo in Gardena  45.  Michelle in El Segundo  46.  Dawn in Bakersfield   47.  Orlando in Anaheim  48.  Karlynn in Caliente  49.  Denise in Glendale  50.  Patrick in Torrance  51.  Jeff in Torrance  52.  Mike in Torrance  53.  Wendy in Torrance  54. Carl in Texas  55.  Patty in Redding  56.  Arisela in Ventura  57.  Lorena in San Bernadino 58.  Joe in San Bernadino  59.  David in Sacramento  60.  Davis in Chubbuck  61.  Lindita in Jersey City  62.  Patrick in Huntington Beach  63.  Dustin in Morrow  64.  Laura in Havre  65.  Marjean in Fillmore  66.  Adriana in Fresno  67.  Darlene in Corning  68.  Norma in Fresno  69.  Brad in Moreno Valley  70.  Alicia in Athens  71.  Lynette in Tampa  72.  Laketha in Santa Maria  73.  Erika in San Jose  74.  Manny in Berkley  75.  Bryan in Malta  76.  Zakiya in Milwaukee  77.  Lance in Garden Grove  78.  Elsa in Chico  79.  Pat in Huntington Park  80.  Ed in Panorama City  81.  Julisa in Panorama City  82.  Roseanne in Vancouver  83.  Patricia in Chatsworth  84.  Kristen in Anaheim 85.  Ron in Vancouver  86.  Sharon in Vancouver  87.  Dale in Vancouver  88.  Candi in Vancouver  89.  Ed in Riverside  90.  Stephanie in Riverside  91. Joe in Hillsville  92.  Jack in Garden Grove  93.  Rigoberto in Oroville  94.  Aaron in Coos Bay  95.  Darrick in Wenatchee